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RTL (Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic etc.) CSS files for Dotnetnuke
RTL (Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic etc.) CSS files for Dotnetnuke.
CSS files for right to left DNN sites.

As you all know RTL (Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic etc.) is actually ignored in any new release of DNN.
With the release of DNN 7 all the RTL’ers among us are facing the big task of adapting the system to the right to left sites.

I always invested the time needed to convert the css files and skins to RTL and was happy to share it.
Now with the new release of DNN7 I am uploading my RTL CSS files for DNN6 and the start of my work for DNN 7.
I will be happy to have you join this effort and contribute you files and thoughts.

Note for DNN7 users: you have to use RibbonBar control panel (and NOT the new ControlBar) in order to have the RTL from this file working.

Yehuda Tiram
AtarimTR ltd
Dotnetnuke CMS experts

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