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How to use


rtl.dnn6.css and rtl.dnn7.css

These are the main framework css files that change the way the system looks (direction wise)
You can load the css file in many ways but I prefer to load it in the skin.css like so
@import url("/portal/0/rtl.dnn6.css");
@import url("/portal/0/rtl.dnn7.css");
(I assume you put it in the ("/portal/0/ folder)
This way you can give each skin the correct direction.
(say you want to give the file manager page a skin with ltr)

Note for DNN7 users: you have to use RibbonBar control panel (and NOT the new ControlBar) in order to have the RTL from this file working.

All other module.css

You should copy the file to the corresponding module (or control panel or whatever) folder.
I did not yet set it for dnn7 modules but you can see in the dnn6 file structure here where they should go.

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hamzadwe Apr 8, 2013 at 10:52 AM 
there is a lot of skin.css which one of them ?!